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Clerk: Sara Towne
31 West Street, Leven
Beverley, East Riding of
Yorkshire HU17 5LE

Tel: 01964 544067

Burial Ground

The burial ground in Skirlaugh is situated adjacent to St. Augustine Church and is operated by Skirlaugh & Ellerby Joint Burial Committee. There are plots available for both double and single burials, as well as a separate area for the interment of cremated remains. A specific plot cannot be reserved in advance but the exclusive right for a plot can be purchased. The current fees and regulations are shown in the documents below.

  • Burial ground fees (PDF, 27 Kb)

    This document details the fees currently applicable for interments, exclusive right of burial and erection of memorials in the burial ground.

    These fees will continue to be applicable from 1st April 2021.

  • Memorials - rules for erection of memorials (PDF, 130 Kb)

    This details what type of headstones and cremated remains plaques are permitted in the burial ground